Cardiac Rehab

Life after a heart problem…

Bounceback cardiac rehab exercise classes will help you build fitness, strength, and confidence after a heart problem. We also have a popular support group, which you can get involved in as much or as little as you like. Our leading exercise classes and personal training are delivered by BACPR (British Association of Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation) specialists.

We are proud to be affiliated with the British Heart Foundation & Sussex Heart Charity, and we work closely with local hospitals and cardiac rehab teams. This helps ensure you get the most from your time with us.

You can find our weekly exercise classes in Brighton (Falmer) Saturday’sBurgess Hill, Durrington, East Grinstead, Hastings, Haywards Heath, Hove, Lewes, Seaford, Sevenoaks, and Uckfield.


A stent is a small tube inserted into your coronary artery to help improve the blood supply to your heart muscle. Stents can be put in place if you have had a heart attack and have a blocked artery, or if you suffer from angina. Our exercise classes are ideal for ongoing exercise rehab after having a stent fitted.


Heart bypass surgery can relieve chest pain. Your surgeon uses a blood vessel from your leg, arm or chest to bypass a narrowed section of a coronary artery, allowing blood to flow more easily around your heart. Our exercise classes are a great way of helping regain confidence and fitness, and strength after bypass surgery.


If one or more of your valves is diseased or damaged, it can affect how your blood flows through your heart. Surgery on your valve can greatly improve symptoms and quality of life. We use evidence based exercise methods to help reduce blood pressure, and improve the health of your heart after valve repair or replacement.


People with heart failure can have a great quality of life. You also have a lot of control over your condition by taking your medicines and making changes to your lifestyle. Our exercise classes can help you get the exercise you need, safely, to help keep you active and with a great quality of life.

Your Path Back To Health

  • Phase I

    Immediately After Heart Event

  • Phase II

    Rest and Recuperation; usually at home

  • Phase III

    Nurse and Physio Hospital Exercise and Lifestyle Sessions

  • Phase IV

    Bounceback Heart Specialist Exercise Programme

Classes Timetable

East Grinstead, 10.45amBurgess Hill, 12:30pmDurrington, 11amBurgess Hill, 12:30pmDurrington, 11amBrighton (Falmer), 9am
Haywards Heath, 7pmHove, 7pmHaywards Heath, 7:30pmEast Grinstead, 2:30pmHaywards Heath, 2:30pm
Lewes, 3pmSeaford, 3pmLewes, 10:45amHastings, 11:30amLewes, 12:30pm
Sevenoaks, 1pmHaywards Heath, 11:00am
Uckfield, 12:15pmHove, 7pm
Uckfield, 1:30pm


It has taken almost 80 years to get me to the gym! My husband had a triple bypass last October and decided to continue with the fitness classes. In a senior moment I decided to join him. The first session was a real eye-opener and I thought ‘I’ll never get the hang of these exercises’. Toby was so encouraging, and everyone in the group is so friendly I thought I would stick at it.

I’m so pleased I did. My breathing is so much better and my joints are less painful. I can get in and out of the car without struggling. Thank you Toby and Freddy.

This exercise class has added 30 yards to my drive. Its excellent.

I was apprehensive about exercising again following my surgery. I was unsure about how much I could do and about which exercises would be best to strengthen my heart and body.

Toby has guided me carefully through every exercise and monitored me closely, giving me the confidence to keep pushing myself further. I have always felt in excellent hands. He is very knowledgeable and has taken a real interest in my goals, consistently pushing me to achieve them.

Every training session with Toby has been fun, rewarding and challenging. My confidence and fitness has gradually increased and he has encouraged and gently pushed me.

I remember sitting in my hospital bed just after having heart surgery thinking that I would never feel fit and well again. I’m so happy that I was wrong. Less than a year later and I feel fitter, more confident and more energetic than I ever have before.

We are affiliated to: The British Heart Foundation