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Choose between physical venue based classes, or virtual Zoom classes




6 Sessions Online

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How it works
  1. After purchasing virtual sessions you'll be able to upload the referral form given to you by the hospital.
  2. Once payment has been confirmed we'll send you links for the zoom classes.
  3. For these you'll need to download and install Zoom onto your device. A tablet or laptop is preferable.
  4. A few minutes before the class, click on the link for the session and add your name into the box that appears. We ask this so we can identify you. You will then be admitted by the instructor.

Classes run for 1 hour on Monday 6pm, Tuesday 5pm, Wednesday 11:30am, Thursday 5pm and Friday 11:30am


Listen to what our clients say

  • I never really thought much about exercise, so needing heart a bypass was a real wake-up. After my bypass I needed somewhere safe and enjoyable to exercise, regain my confidence, and keep my fitness. I can do that with the Bounceback classes on Zoom.
    Sandra Westbrook
  • I learned after my heart attack that I must continue with the right sort of exercise. Bounceback allows me to do just that, and with the confidence that I'm learning from experts.
    John Ridgeford
    Heart Attack

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