Bounceback Team

The Bounceback Team

The Bounceback team are committed to making your time with us enjoyable and beneficial. We take your health seriously and make exercise fun and rewarding. All of our instructors are fully qualified with nationally recognised BACPR certification (British Association For Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation), first aid and defibrillator trained, and insured. We always encourage continued professional development through BACPR  approved courses to ensure our instructors can give you the best possible service and ensure we remain leading provider in cardiac rehab.

BACPR instructor certification is re-validated every three years. This ensures we are always up-to-date with current best practice. Our instructors are proud to hold their BACPR Certification as it is a tough qualification and represents the highest possible level in exercise provision.

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BACPR Certified Instructors

Why Choose Bounceback?

Bounceback cardiac rehab are the leading provider of exercise for people that have had a heart problem, at risk of heart problems, or just want to improve their health. We decided many years ago to focus specifically on cardiac rehab as our primary role because we understand people value the specialist approach we take…after all, why would you trust a ‘jack of all trades’ to take care of your heart health?

Official Providers of Cardiac Rehab

Bounceback are official providers of cardiac rehabilitation to the NHS cardiac rehab teams we work with, because of our qualifications and our patient focus. We have a very close working relationship with the cardiac rehab teams at all of the hospitals we take referrals from. The organisation is funded purely through member admission fees. We keep prices very competitive to ensure regular attendance is affordable, which is where heart patients get the most benefit – regular attendance.

Finally, we are innovators in cardiac rehabilitation. Our combined experience as professional instructors and the feedback you give us enables us to provide ongoing improvements to our service.

We hope you enjoy our classes, and find them as rewarding as we do providing them.



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