Heart Support Groups

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Heart Support Groups

You will benefit from joining our informal heart support group because they provide valuable opportunities for you to discuss your heart issues.

Living with a heart problem or after suffering from some kind of cardiac event may have left you with a lot of unanswered questions about how to get back to fitness, and also how you can lead a normal life. Your cardiac nurse is there to discuss your early cardiac rehab programme, but what about your long term well being?

After the hospital programme you will find lots of support in the informal sessions we run after most classes. Having a place to sit and relax with other people who have had heart problems is a great way to help you find your feet, while you start getting back to a normal life.

You can talk about things like medication, healthy heart diets, the best heart exercise, or who won on Strictly. Our instructors are experts in cardiac rehabilitation, and will always help as much as possible. We can’t guarantee we can answer all questions related to Strictly, but we will try!

If you’re not sure the support group is for you, please call to chat to one of our team. You are welcome to give the group a try, and you may find someone who shares your interests.

Want to give something back?

Our support groups are a great place to talk about fundraising for local and national heart charities. You can enjoy coffee and cake mornings, group walks, and other events. The class trainers will keep you up to date with the charity challenges which are usually an annual event. The best thing about our heart support groups is that you can join in a little or a lot!

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