Penny Hall – Cardiac Rehab Exercise Instructor

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Penny Hall is a certified BACPR cardiac rehab exercise instructor and has 20 years experience in personal and group training. Penny brings enthusiasm, humour and motivation to Bounceback classes.

Cardiac Rehab Exercise

Penny completed her BACPR in 2016. She was introduced to Toby by the Phase III staff as part of her training and immediately gelled with the team at Bounceback. Since then, Penny has found working with cardiac patients a very fulfilling role.

Always looking to add to her ever growing list of specialised qualifications, Penny works with various organisations on an ad hoc basis including Brighton Hove Food Partnership, Deafcog, and Action for Deafness. In these roles she delivers food workshops and exercise classes to specialised groups. Penny’s wide range of knowledge brings a comprehensive service to her cardiac rehab clients.

Penny is certainly passionate about her work. She has special interest in a holistic approach which involves positive mind setting, better eating and optimum exercise. In addition to covering classes for Bounceback, Penny works with wide ranging clients on 1:1 basis who have various mind and body issues.

Outside of Work

In her younger days, Penny was a sprinter competing at high levels including gaining a few medals! Nowadays she uses her sprinting skills enable her to enjoy and play vigorous tennis a few times a week when time permits. This year she has taken on the running of a local social tennis club and introduced new ideas such as league table and social outings. Other than tennis, Penny loves DIY, music, dog walking and travelling (not necessarily in that order!).



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